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Also new to the store are Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Breaking Bad designs!

Finally got round to it! This is a selection of sheets from my portfolio that I took to all my uni interviews these last few months, this isn’t everything as tumblr only let’s me upload 10 photos & I took my portfolio apart before photographing it all (too eager to put work back into my sketchbooks)
Anyway I hope this helps anyone stuck with portfolio layout ideas, I know I was really unsure how to mount things and how much stuff to bring with me etc. I ended up getting offers from all 5 unis whichever as great, and I’ve firmed Kent for September, and insured Winchester School of Art :-)

For some reason I thought I posted on here not long ago but apparently not
My art exam is in 11 days D: major stress
But at the same time I love it? I love when I’m in full arty mode, I feel so creative

Also, sorry for the lack of updates- been super busy with coursework and art exam prep. Hoping to do some mega posts soon of my sketchbooks and portfolio!

Would people buy hand designed/custom made animal crossing t-shirts? Thinking about adding them to my etsy shop